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Gombe Stream National Park

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Gombe stream National Park

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Tucked away on Tanzania’s western border at Lake Tanganyika is Gombe Stream National Park. The park was made famous by Jane Goodall’s research into the chimpanzees found there. At only 52 square kilometers, Gombe is Tanzania’s smallest National Park.

The main attraction here is the chimpanzees. Visitors can arrange daily tracking sessions and spend time observing these amazing primates that are thought to have evolved along a similar path to man. Birders will enjoy a visit to this park as well. There are more than 200 species that have been recorded including the fish eagle and Peter’s twin spot.

 The park is reached by boat from Kigoma. Kigoma can be reached by scheduled flights from Dar es Salaam and twice weekly flights from the Northern Circuit and Arusha. Visitors should plan on staying at least two days for a better probability of seeing the chimps. There is a luxury tented camp in the park.

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