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Zanzibar is a dream destination for most beach lovers. With a troubled history, it is a fascinating part of the world which now enjoys peace and relative prosperity.

And it offers an excellent insight into Arab and African relations over the years with the infamous slave trade on this ‘Spice Island’. Thankfully those days are over and Zanzibar is now renowned for its beauty and beaches.

You can visit Zanzibar on its own or combine it with any other destination in Tanzania or even Kenya. We are experts at planning Zanzibar Itineraries so contact us to tailor make your holiday!

Stone Town

Stone Town is the historical and cultural heart of Zanzibar. It’s a winding maze of cobbled streets, twisting alleyways, bustling bazaars and grand old mansions. This cosmopolitan city fuses African and Arab traditions and is well worth a visit!

East Coast

The East Coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja) is best known for its miles upon miles of powder-white beaches. If its a perfect silky white beach that defines your dream holiday, then you are in for a treat.

South Coast

If you are looking to be one with mother nature, then a swim with dolphins puts you in touching distance. This is the most well-known attraction of the South Coast though there are many more to write home about!

North Coast

If you’re after beautiful beaches and warm waters, then this is the place for you. Throw in an array of water-based activities, luxury lodges, and sumptuous seafood and it’s little wonder most tourists flock to these shores!


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