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Zanzibar Luxury Tour: 9-Day Royal Retreat to Tropical Paradise with Elianne Expeditions

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What to Expect

Participants can anticipate a regal journey, unveiling the myriad treasures of Zanzibar, from its pristine beaches and rich history to its vibrant cultures and exotic spices. Every day is meticulously planned to offer unique and opulent experiences, bringing to life the splendid beauty and charm of Zanzibar.

Itinerary Summary:

Embark on a 9-day Royal Retreat with Elianne Expeditions to the enchanting Zanzibar, a tropical paradise renowned for its pristine beaches, rich culture, and historical treasures. This Zanzibar Luxury Tour is a seamless blend of relaxation and exploration, offering guests a chance to experience the island’s opulent allure through exclusive tours, gourmet culinary experiences, and lavish accommodations. Whether opting for budget, midrange, or high-end, each traveler will find comfort and personalized service reflecting Zanzibar’s exotic charm and elegance. As the journey concludes, guests will leave with lasting memories, a deeper appreciation for Zanzibar’s allure, and a longing to return to this island utopia.

Tour Description:

The ideal duration for this tour is 9 days.

Price Categories:

  • Budget Traveler: $1,800 per person – Featuring cozy and clean accommodations with essential amenities and services.
  • Midrange Traveler: $3,500 per person – Offering enhanced accommodations with a range of superior amenities, dining, and services.
  • High-End Traveler: $6,000 per person – Experience top-tier luxury accommodations, elite services, premium dining, and exclusive, personalized experiences.

Best Time to Go

The optimal times for this tour are the dry seasons between June to October and December to February, allowing for comfortable exploration and relaxation on the island’s pristine beaches.

Day to day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Overnight in Zanzibar

Upon landing in Zanzibar, participants are whisked away to their chosen accommodations where a welcoming dinner awaits, setting the tone for the lavish adventure ahead.
Meal: Dinner

  • Budget: Amaan Bungalows
  • Midrange: Zanzibar Serena Hotel
  • High-End: Baraza Resort & Spa

Days 2-8: Detailing each day’s activities, meal plans, and accommodations, suited to the selected package, ensuring diverse and enriching experiences.

Day 9: Farewell and Departure

The journey concludes with heartfelt farewells and transfers to the airport. Participants depart, enriched with unforgettable memories and experiences from this luxurious sojourn in Zanzibar.
Meal: Breakfast


As this luxurious sojourn concludes, we, at Elianne Expeditions, extend our deepest gratitude to all participants for allowing us to guide them through the enchanting landscapes of Zanzibar. We trust the exquisite experiences and memories crafted during this royal retreat will be cherished for a lifetime, and we eagerly await the opportunity to create more magical moments with you in the future. Safe travels and until we meet again in paradise!

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