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Elianne Expeditons has a very special meaning behind it, The name comes from a combination of two names (Elias and Anna).

Elias kapolondo is the late Father to Anna Kapolondo the Director of (Elianne) he was the Pilot of Tanapa for 10 years, after that he became Chief Park Warden of TANAPA specifiacally Manayara National Park for 20 years then untill he passed on in 2022 5th of June he was and will always be one of the best tour leader leading incentive groups of Abercrombie and Kent for 27 years

Elianne is not only the combination name of Elias and Anna but also is the name of Anna’s Daughter whom came to life only four days after the passing of her beloved father, the late Legendary Elias Ole Kapolondo. May His Good Soul Rest in External Peace.

Elianne also means ” My God answered me”

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